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Snow Cone Machine Rental Party Ideas

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Snow cone machine rental…it’s an idea you’ve had for a while and you’re finally going to make it happen at your next party event…it’s just that now you need to plan the rest of the party! If you’re stumped for party ideas but know that you want to rent the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine, take a look at some of our favorite party themes and ideas for “the wheel”!

Snow Cone Machine Rental Party Ideas to Try!

Peppa Pig Party

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your home then you’ve likely seen every episode a million times and if you have then you will recognize Dr. Hamster who made his first appearance in the episode titled “Pedro’s Cough”. Now you can incorporate Dr. Hamster into your Peppa Pig themed party with the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine!

Bolt Themed Party

We know, the movie Bolt was released a looooong time ago as far as the kids are concerned, but if your little ones have only just discovered the animated movie then this is the perfect opportunity to rent the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine!

Invader Zim Party

Are your older kids obsessed with the cartoon oddity known as Invader Zim? Well, now you can bring Peepi, the hamster turned city monster, into your Invader Zim themed party with hamster wheel snow cones!

Danger Mouse Party

Are you a kid of the 80’s and looking to hold an 80’s cartoon themed party? If you ever caught the Brit cartoon classic “Danger Mouse” then you’ll know that Penfold, Danger Mouse’s trusty sidekick was actually a “cartoonified” hamster! Tie the hamster wheel snow cone machine rental into your party with “Penfold’s Party Pursuit” a snow cone making mission!

Hamtaro Party

Know someone who is obsessed with Japanese animation? Set up the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine as a Hamtaro adventure and tie it into the rest of your Japanese animated themed features. Know someone who just loves the Japanese cartoon hamster, Hamtaro? Why not theme your entire party around the big-eyed animated hamsters who are on a journey for adventure?

L.O.L Surprise Party

Have a collector of these collectible surprise toys in your house? Set up different party stations at your event that are themed on one of the L.O.L Surprise characters and you have the perfect excuse to get the hamster wheel going! M.C. Hammy would be proud!

B-Rated Horror Movie Party

Want to take things in a whole different direction and have a B-rated horror movie themed party? Don’t worry, you can channel the 2018 film “Horror and Hamsters”! Get the wheel set up in the center of your party and theme other party stations after your other favorite (but questionably made) horror films!

Ready to Book Your Snow Cone Machine Rental?

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