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10 Reasons Why the Hamster wheel Snow Cone Machine Beats the Traditional Machine

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hamster wheel snow cone

The hamster wheel snow cone machine is nothing like the traditional snow cone machine that the average party and festival rents. In fact, rent the hamster wheel snow cone machine and you’re guaranteed to have a party that everyone remembers! Wondering why the Hamster wheel machine comes out on top of the traditional machine? Here are just a few reasons…

10 Reasons Why the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine is Better Than the Traditional Snow Cone Machine!

  1. The Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine lets snow cone customers play an interactive role in making their snow comes!
  2. Snow cones might not be the healthiest snack choice, but with the Hamster Wheel, you are encouraging kids to exercise.
  3. The Hamster Wheel Snow Cone maker doesn’t just encourage exercise, but it teaches kids that exercise can be fun and not just boring and monotonous.
  4. Letting younger party guests make their own snow cones using the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone maker helps to build a sense of accomplishment and independence.
  5. The Hamster Wheel is a social experience which is perfect for children who have trouble making friends and being social. It encourages guests at your event to cheer each other on and really be supportive.
  6. Unlike traditional snow cone machines, the Hamster Wheel lets you in on the action, you can see just how your snowcone is made and play an active role in making it!
  7. Science lovers will get an extra kick out of the Hamster Wheel machine because it gives the opportunity to learn about just how the wheel works to drive a machine!
  8. Traditional snow cone machines tend to blend into the background of any event, they’re nothing special. Bring in the novelty of the Hamster Wheel and you’ll draw crowds!
  9. Trying to raise funds for a charity, business, or cause? The Hamster Wheel is the perfect way to do that! With the added perk of walking in the wheel, guests are more than happy to pay for their experience as well as their snow cone!
  10. It’s FUN! There’s no fun in watching a vendor make you a snow cone. Watching them scoop the ice into a paper cone then pour on the flavored syrup. Bring in the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine, though, and you add a whole new and fun dimension to the snow cone making experience!

Ready to rent the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine For Your Next Event?

If you’re ready to rent the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine for your next big event, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 386-562-8442. Make sure that you call in advance though, because the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine is hugely popular!

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