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9 Occasions Made Better By the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine

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hamster wheel snow cone machine

The hamster wheel snow cone machine might be a newer concept to you, but it’s one of the most popular attractions at parties and events today! Not really sure what type of event would be right to rent the hamster wheel? Well, we think it’s a fun addition to just about any occasion, but just in case you need some ideas, check these out!

9 Occasions Made Better By the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine

1. School Fundraisers

School fundraisers are held year round as a way to help fund schools where the budget runs short. They always have the typical bake sale stalls and beanbag toss attractions, but adding the hamster wheel snow come machine is a surefire way to get people to show up and spend money!

2. Festivals

Whether it’s a street festival, a local celebration, or a day celebrating the arrival of summer, the hamster wheel snow cone machine is a great addition! It adds a lighthearted approach to snacking with the added attraction of being a ride too!

3. Awareness Events

One of our favorite types of event for the hamster wheel snow cone machine is awareness events. Whether you want to use the wheel to emphasize the importance of exercise in a well-balanced lifestyle or whether you are simply raising funds for a cause, the wheel is a perfect choice!

4. Birthday Parties

Tired of the same old birthday party rentals and looking for something special for the kid in your life? Rent the hamster wheel snow cone machine and watch as your kid’s party becomes the one to beat!

5. July 4th Parties

July 4th is a great occasion to bring in the hamster wheel because it’s not only a great way to keep little ones busy before the fireworks show, but it also makes the perfect snack for cooling down!

6. Club Events

Belong to a club that holds special events throughout the year? Whether you’re a member of a car club that does shows or an athletic club, having the hamster wheel on site for your next event will make sure that everyone has a good time!

7. Block Parties

A block party is another great occasion to rent the hamster wheel snow cone machine! With exercise to wear out the more energetic kids, there’s also the benefit of a sweet treat to satisfy those sugary cravings!

8. Summer Soiree’s

When summer rolls in and the kids finally get out of school it’s a great reason for everyone to take a breath and relax! We recommend having a summer soiree with snowcones for the kids, a good movie on the projection screen in the backyard, and wine coolers to keep the adults cooled off!

9. Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are a great opportunity to get to know local talent and find things you never knew you needed! They’re also the perfect occasion to break out the hamster wheel to keep those less interested in crafts happy!

Ready to Rent the Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine?

If you’re ready to rent the hamster wheel snow cone machine for your next big event then it’s time to pick up the phone! Give us a call today at 386-562-8442!

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