Hamster Wheel Sno Cone

Hamster Wheel Sno Cone: What You Need to Know

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Hamster Wheel Sno Cone

The Hamster Wheel Sno Cone machine is something a little different that is sure to be the center of attention at your next event! So much more than the traditional make your own snow cone machine, the Hamster Wheel will keep your guests entertained for hours and you’ll never have to worry about filling up your next event either because they’ll be lining up at the door!

The Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine

When you’re planning your next big event, the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone machine is the perfect addition to keep your guests happy. But what is the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone machine and how is it different to the traditional snow cone machine?

What is the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine?

Unlike traditional snow cone machines that simply shave ice in a circular motion and then use flavored coloring to add to that cup of shaved ice, the Hamster Wheel machine brings a ride element to the mix!

You have undoubtedly seen a wheel in a hamsters cage before, you know the type that a hamster runs in… Well, the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone machine uses the same type of wheel. How does that work? Well, your party guests hop on into our oversized wheel and start walking! As they walk the ice for the snow cone gets crushed. Your guest then hops off the wheel and prepares the ice they’ve crushed in a snow cone holder and chooses their favorite flavoring!

Is the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine Safe?

Yes! Not only is our machine safe, but we also send our staff to your party with your machine rental to make sure that the machine runs smoothly and that the snow cones your guests make are up to safety standards! Plus, our ride operators are all trained in proper ride safety to be sure that no one gets hurt while using the wheel, but just to be sure that you’re covered, we have all of our party goers sign a waiver to make sure that you’re not held liable if they don’t follow the instructions they’re given. Don’t worry, all of our rides are perfectly safe, we just like to be sure that all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted for your event!

With 20 years of experience in the party rental business, we know that our party rental rides in Florida are safe and we also know that they’ll keep a smile on your guests faces!

What Events Can You Rent the Hamster Wheel For?

What event would you like to rent this machine for? Adults and children alike love the taste of snow cones but when you add in the interactive experience of the hamster wheel, your guests are sure to remember that birthday, housewarming, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, July 4th, party you are planning. Every occasion is the perfect occasion for a sweet snow cone treat and fun with friends as they laugh at each other walking around and around in a giant hamster wheel!

Plus, you don’t have to worry about meeting the same expectations next year because our rental company has been active in Florida for 20 years, so we’ll just be a phone call away the same time next year!

Looking For More Than Just Snow Cones?

Are you looking for more than just snow cones at your next big event? Well, then you’re in luck because our company also has a mechanical bull rental that is perfect for those wild and crazy social events like fundraisers, local fairs, etc. Or, you could just make your next birthday party something extra special by offering up snow cones and mechanical bull rides to your guests…although we suggest having them do the bull rides first or else you might wind up having to clean up a little snow cone colored mess!

Ready to Rent the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone Machine?

Excited to rent the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone machine for your next big event? All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at (386) 562-8442! Florida Party Works rents the Hamster Wheel Sno Cone machine over the entire state of Florida and we rent seven days a week by appointment so no matter when your next event is, we’ll be there!

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