Hamster Wheel SnoCone Maker

Let Hamster Jeff bring you the perfect party entertainment – the people-powered hamster wheel snowcone machine!

Hamster Wheel SnoCone Maker

Fun for everyone!
Just step inside the big wheel and

~let the party roll~

Hamster Jeff sez:
Indoors or out, the hamster wheel is the ultimate fun way to create your own snocone.

Great for birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, fundraisers, school and
church events, private or corporate functions, and more!

Hamster Wheel SnoCone Maker

giant snocone maker rentals

Hamster Wheel SnoCone Maker

Big Snowcone Machine Rental

Everything You Need to Know About the Hamster Wheel SnoCone Maker

How Much Does it Cost to Rent?

Every event is different, so we need to know more before we can give you the best price. Fill out the contact form below and submit it for details, or call Hamster Jeff at 386-333-1065.

How Does the Hamster Wheel SnoCone Maker Work?

This is the fun part. The person inside the wheel (you, or someone just like you) walks or jogs. Remember, you are playing the part of the hamster! The wheel turns and grinds ice for your tasty frozen treat. The cup of ice travels on a conveyer belt to the flavor station where you select the flavor of your choice. Step out of the wheel and enjoy your snowcone!

How Does the Hamster Wheel Get to My Event?

Call or email us to set up the details of when, where, and what hours. Once we have the details, our friendly hamster associates will deliver the fun about an hour before your event begins. We need a little set-up and take-down time.

How Much Room Does It Need?

Human hamsters need a big wheel, so if your event is outdoors, we need a 10 x 10 foot flat space. For indoor events, we need the same 10 x 10 foot flat space plus a minimum 10-foot ceiling height.

Who Runs the Hamster Wheel?

Your very own hamster wheel snocone maker associate will stay and run the wheel, making sure everyone has a great time.

When the Party Is Over?

The hamster associate will need about an hour to pack up and depart.

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To ensure everything remains safe, we offer full event staffing. We also make sure all customers sign a waiver anytime they are going to engage on a ride. Take advantage of our enjoyable equipment today and host the party you've always dreamed of having; we'll take care of the rest.

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